China Unleashes Nuclear Submarine Capable of Striking all 50 States

This new submarine is soon to be deployed and will be armed with JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missiles. This comes as part of the Chinese mission to project military strength in the region.

The power projection from China comes at a time when China is attempting to claim ownership over disputed territories in the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

Rep. Randy Forbes, a Virginia Republican and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s sea power panel, said in an email to Bloomberg that the deployment of China’s new submarine “will further shift the Sino-American military balance and impose more demands on our own submarine force.”

The submarine represents a substantial raise in the nuclear deterrent game for China. Having a submarine armed with long range nuclear missiles means China would have a much greater ability to respond to a nuclear attack.

Reports from the United States Office of Naval Intelligence suggest that the JL-2 has nearly three times the range of the current Chinese submarine missiles. Keeping that in mind, let's hope America's military takes charge before the Obama Administration finishes effectively making us helpless to nuclear attacks.





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