Chicago Schools Allow Transgender Students To Use Bathroom, Locker Room Of Their Choice

Predictably, the Chicago school system is justifying the move as a reaction to the larger debate over the right of transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice. As you might have guessed, this requires schools to be more “understanding” of transgenders:

“‘Chicago Public Schools, like much of the country, has become far more aware of the needs and experiences of the transgender community, and it’s crucial for CPS guidelines to reflect our commitment to promoting safe and inclusive schools,' Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson said in an emailed statement.

North Carolina enacted a law in March requiring transgender people to use restrooms in schools and other public buildings that match the sex listed on their birth certificates. That measure has drawn criticism from prominent entertainers and corporations.

Backers of the legislation in the Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature say it is meant to protect privacy rights and keep children and women safe from sexual predators.”

Source: Townhall



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