Cher Blasts Unsafe Practices in US Vetting of Syrian Refugees

Cher is speaking out against the American visa process in response to the Syrian refugee crisis, but you’d only be able to tell if you can decipher her confusing Twitter feed.

Singer and actress Cher spoke out on Twitter against the vetting process for mass immigration from Islamic countries to the United States.

Cher took to Twitter to express her support for plans to strengthen a U.S. visa waiver program following last month’s Paris terror attacks.

Expressing concerns that the current visa waiver program makes it easy for Islamic State militants and other terrorists to travel to the United States, Cher tweeted:

cher tweet

In another tweet, the singer said she offered to take a refugee family into her home, but could not, as the current visa waiver program could not vet them.



After criticism, Cher deleted her original tweet.

Source: Breitbart



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