Chelsea Handler: Republicans to Blame for ‘Innocent People’ Getting ‘Shot and Killed’ in Church Shooting

Liberal scumbag comedian and hardcore feminist Chelsea Handler doesn’t really feel bad that (as of now) 26 people lost their lives while attending church.

She is claiming ALL Republicans are too blame for this happening and because most regular churchgoers are Republicans, they probably had it coming.

Handler had nothing to say when Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by one of her fellow Trump hating social justice warrior cronies.  If it was really about guns why wouldn’t she speak out anytime a shooting took place? What about black-on-black gun violence in Chicago? Nothing. Really? O why Chelsea?

Her tweet has nothing to do with innocent people losing their lives. This is the lady who brags from her unfunny comedic platform about her two teen abortions. She is mentally ill herself. Severe negative attention seeking behavior is actually considered a form of mental illness. It could also be argued part of her vile attacks stems from self-loathing. And again only mentally ill people take out their inner angst on others when they are at their weakest.

The majority of extreme social justice warriors and feminist such as Chelsea Handler are mentally ill. There is no other explanation for their vile cruel selfish behaviors.

That is why this tweet is so alarming. Over 35,000 have liked Ms. Handler’s tweet. There is a growing army of unbalanced leftist on the verge of taking out their own emotional angst and lack of empathy for the world.

Except, in Handler’s world, and theirs, only stable God-fearing, hardworking conservatives are the number one enemy of choice. When will we wake up?

Image: By David ShankboneOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link



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