Charlie Daniels: “What Would Happen If Liberals Got Their Utopia?”

Charlie Daniels has raised a few eyebrows once again.  Back in 1979, the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” hit the airwaves and superstardom was soon to follow.  But with all the success that Daniels has seen throughout his life, he has also been a staunch Conservative with opinions that were not exactly front page news or broadcast headlines.

That has changed and the singer/songwriter has decided to engage an audience much larger and much more diverse than any he has seen in his long and storied career.  This is a different approach than one in song.  He has begun by writing an opinion piece that not only espouses his Conservative thought processes but has opted to share a more intimate detail of his life.

Let's start by reading his commentary:

I sometimes wonder how the mainstream media, judicial system, sanctuary cities and liberal politicians would fare in the kind of world they are trying to bring about: a world without borders, a world without morals, a socialist society ruled by an all-powerful, central government that would control the distribution and quality of health care, the parameters of abortion, the length of people’s lives through euthanasia and the population’s practice of religion.

Probably the first thing to go, as is always the case in totalitarian regimes, would be freedom of the press. Then most of the rest of our personal freedoms would follow: abolition of privately owned firearms, the caliber and content of education, the outlawing of homeschooling, restrictions on what can be said from the pulpits of the nation and close control of academic curriculum.

Headstrong activists of out of favor political persuasion would be silenced, and indecipherable laws that could be construed to mean anything their authors wanted them to mean would be introduced and enforced to control any dissidents.

Does this sound impossible to you?

Well, just stop and think.

If you will really put aside your political prejudices for a minute and examine what is truly going on, if you'll admit the truth to yourself, the lion's share of the supposed great social programs that have been signed into law in the last half century have not been about the good of the country, but for the grabbing of political power for whichever party happens to be in office.

Look at Obamacare. Any responsible evaluation would reveal that it is a program that was designed to fail, and when it did, the only answer to universal health care would be for the federal government to move in and create a single-payer plan, giving them control of almost 17 percent of the American economy.

Did you know there are treaties which could control even the plants and flowers you can plant in your own garden and yard?
There is also a similar UN treaty regulating firearms.

One UN Treaty would put half of the land in the United States off limits, not even allowing it to be used for agriculture if implemented.

Did you know that America is among the most environmentally clean nations on earth and China and the nations who would have been allowed by the Paris Accord to do nothing about their ecological filth for decades, are among the dirtiest?

The U.S. didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol, but reduced carbon emissions while other nations who did sign Kyoto did not.

Did you know that the United Nations have a program for decreasing the population of the world?

Did you know that for over a century the global warming, climate change, whatever the nom du jour, have vacillated between an ice age and catastrophic warming, going back and forth to whichever one suits their purposes?

Please don't take my word for these issues. They are easily researched.

Actually, they had it all figured out.

Hillary Clinton was a shoe in, and all the socialist power grabs by the federal government would continue and reach critical mass during her eight years – reaching the point of no return.

But they forgot to figure in two things, Hillary Clinton is about as likable and believable as a hammerhead shark to the common folks. She just doesn't communicate well.

Secondly, no section of the American voters can be taken for granted anymore.

What I'm going to say now cannot be properly researched and is strictly my own opinion, prompted in the tenants of my faith and the signs of the times.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the preponderance of the European leaders are globalists who believe in a one world government, and it’s a simple thing for a monolithic all-powerful government of a nation to sign treaties ceding much of its power to a seemingly benevolent centralized global government which claims to have all the answers to the planet’s wars and famines.

It’s the type of government that would do away with cash, therefore eliminating counterfeiting, bank robbing and the slaughter of innocent night workers at convenience stores.

It’s a government that would require every person alive to carry incorruptible identification, and just to make sure it is incorruptible, a small chip that could not be duplicated could be inserted under the skin in a hand. This would do away with fraud, overdrawn bank accounts, bad checks and make it next to impossible for a criminal to exist.

Oh, they'll have all the answers and will deceive the people and the leaders of the earth in massive numbers.

There will be a one world government, and it will seem to be the Utopian answer to all the problems of mankind.

It will happen. It's all prophesied in the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible.

But remember, allowing yourself to be marked or implanted with an international identification chip is irreversible and irredeemable. It’s a pledge of allegiance to Satan and consigns your soul to eternal damnation. It is known as the Mark of the Beast.

One world government is the kingdom of the antichrist.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Daniels, as you can see, is passionate about this subject and is rather well-informed on the overall picture of what has been going on and what is about to occur in the near future.  His opening paragraph describes his thoughts about what a Leftist Utopia would look like.

Back a couple of decades ago, as many Conservative pundits with half-a-brain like to point out, you could not have predicted where half of these Progressive laws would have gone.  If you could have been privy to a snapshot of the future of America twenty years ago, most of us would have lost our smiles, mouths gaping, and immediately upon having seen those snippets, leapt to our feet and got on our cellphones, our email boxes, and (for the geriatric set) reached for the pen, paper, envelopes, and stamps to change the course of our futures.

Think of it this way…in 1997, four years before the 9/11 tragedy, if you could have seen the following, how different would your lives have been:

  1. Riots by college and high school aged kids (led by their very irresponsible teachers, professors, and lawmakers) who are wearing masks, hoods and gloves, destroying public and private property, committing arson, turning over cars, fighting their fellow citizens, and combatting police
  2. Ambushes of law enforcement officers by Black Lies Matter and By Any Means Necessary
  3. Maxine Waters, Hakeem Jefferies, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and hundreds of other government and former civil servants, committing treason, calling for the active resistance to the President of the United States, and encouraging sedition in the streets and on the floor of Congress.
  4. Our government officials actively promoting Islam over Christianity and encouraging its spread through the U.S. by pushing immigration, refugee and asylum policies that would increase the number of Muslims in this country without regard to their criminal past and their moral character.
  5. Allowing men to LEGALLY enter women's bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, or allowing boys who say they are girls to compete and dominate the girls' sports activities.
  6. Forcing private businesses into closure because their Christian faith forbids them to participate in homosexual activity or to be an accomplice to infanticide or population control.
  7. Allowing the sale of baby parts for profit and encouraging infanticide through government-sanctioned healthcare.
  8. Issuing a stand-down order and abandoning American soldiers and officials abroad and leaving them to be butchered, maimed, and violated for political expedience.
  9. Allowing veterans to die after waiting months, and in some cases years, for much-needed medical care.
  10. Forcing Americans to buy health insurance from the government and, if they don't, you will be punished financially.
  11. Attempting to steal an election through voter fraud, deception, and false narratives about foreign government interference.
  12. Encouraging illegal immigrants to continue to break federal laws and enter the U.S. through a purposefully porous border, while simultaneously promising amnesty and forgiveness of criminal records, as well as welfare and assistance of every kind.
  13. A Catholic Pope advocating on behalf of other world religions and homosexuality.
  14. Tax increases based on the climate changing!

Of course, we could go on and on…

The point is that, if you could have seen just the above examples in 1997, would you have continued to be so nonchalant in your approach to the political realm?  Could you, knowing all these things were actually going to occur, have sat back and said, “Oh, well, the world's going to crap”?

Daniels is warning of more to come…much, much more.  He, like all of us who are active in the knowledge of what is happening in the world, find it difficult to keep up with the changes that are so rapidly occurring that it's sometimes dizzying to think about all the ramifications of our actions and the future of our country.  But it really comes down to, “What are we going to do about it?”

We can complain about the Progressive agenda and say that it sucks, but if we're just going on about life, playing our Xbox and our Candy Crush, and we're wondering about the next season of Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead, or we're wondering if someone said something derogatory about us on Facebook or Twitter, aren't we just playing right into the hands of these globalist scum-buckets who hope to distract us with meaningless entertainment and instant gratification?

How many of you have picked up a Bible in the last month?  Year?  Ten years?

How many of you believe we're in the End Times?  And if you do, why are you not living your life with the intentions of the martyrs and the chosen?  Why are you not standing on your principles and pointing out the hypocrisy and the immorality?  Isn't it time that you looked beyond the now and gazed at the next 10 or 20 years and imagined that it could either be one of two things.

Either it will be the present exponentially worse, with radical Islam destroying every last shred of humanity left in the world and militant Democrat Leftists invading your home and beating you and your children into submission, before stealing your lives.

Or it will be the fulfillment of your own self-delegated mission to begin the conversion of tens, hundreds and millions of people's souls worthy of saving.

People ask me, “Well, what are you doing?” and my answer is simple.


Source:  CNS News

Image: Nenortas Photography



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