Chaos at Nevada Democratic Convention

Chaos at Nevada Democratic Convention

The Democratic Convention erupted in chaos, as Bernie Sanders and his supporters discovered that the Nevada state party chair and DNC executive committee member Roberta Lange absolutely would not consider a recount, fleeing the building to the sound of angry boos.

In the Las Vegas, Paris Hotel, where secondary rounds for delegate selection was progressing, the Sanders supporters demanded that the 64 pro-Sanders delegates that were rejected to be allowed to take part in selecting the delegates at the national convention.

Local police and hotel security were needed to handle the irate Sanders supporters.  Roberta Lange’s action to “subjectively call the results of a voice vote, adjourn the meeting using her gavel and leave the room”, escalated the disorderly behavior.
Numerous videos have emerged that show what appears to be Lange keeping the Nay’s from being counted, leaving Sanders supporters without a voice or a vote.

On the following page, view the videos of the convention, the mayhem that occurred as the DNC cheats Sanders out of delegates.

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