Chaos in German Hospitals: Migrants Stab Doctors, Refuse Help From Females, Carry Exotic Diseases

Due to the growing number of migrants in Germany and the inability of medical clinics to handle all of them, German hospitals are now being overrun. And the number of people seeking medical attention isn't even the biggest problem for doctors. Many of the migrants have AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis and other exotic diseases that German medical facilities just aren't prepared to handle. On top of that, patients are refusing to be helped by female doctors or nurses. One nurse was even hit with a syphilis infected bag of urine that had been flung into her face.

With all of this going on, why isn't this being shown by the media? If the Obama Administration really is the humanitarians they claim to be, why isn't his media cronies showing this to American citizens? I suppose an even bigger question is why is the German government forbidding reporters from writing about these incidents? While police presence has been stepped up at German hospitals, the situation continues to worsen.




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