Planned Parenthood Pres: Conservatives “Obsessed With Ending Access To Reproductive Healthcare For Women”

The bill that was just passed, allocated the PP funds to other Women's legitimate health clinics-that perform mammograms and cancer screening.  Planned Parenthood, as Richards had to admit does not offer these services.  All Planned Parenthood offers is abortions and birth control pills.

In some of the liberal leaning states-under aged girls can obtain an abortion without parental consent.  And of course, high school girls can get birth control, no parent consent, which is alarming.  Birth control pills are known to cause cancer and other complications in some women.  Parents have a right to know what their under aged child is taking, let alone having a medical procedure which is aborting their grandchild. The majority of these teens go to  Planned Parenthood.  Their advertising targets young girls, and public schools many times work injunction with PP.

Planned Parenthood is invited on campus to “help” our children, informing them about “their options”.

Below is Cecile Richards with Rachel Maddow.  Richards makes a whooping 560,000 as President.  More “war on women” propaganda from the left. Richards seems to forget more than half of the babies aborted are female.  Expect more of this tired meme, the imaginary “war on women” as election season goes on.

Source: Info Wars



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