CBS Under Fire for Withholding Trump’s Plea to End Violence

CBS Under Fire for Withholding Trump’s Plea to End Violence

Last week, critics accused the mainstream press of encouraging anti-Trump violence in the wake of Tuesday’s election results. Now we have yet another example that the media didn’t do all they could to stop the attacks allegedly happening across the United States. Quite the contrary, their actions encourage more violence.

It’s easy to see why the press wanted the anti-Trump violence to continue. From a TV perspective, the protests made compelling programming. There’s a saying in the news that “if it bleeds, it leads,” and these attacks were providing the blood.

But the violence also helped serve the narrative the press tried to push the entire campaign. In the months leading up to the election, the media tried to paint Trump’s supporters as an unruly, racist mob. The press wanted “Trump’s America” to be a hateful, violent place.

And after the election, it looked as if they got what they wished. Hate crimes reportedly spiked and violent protests broke out across the country. Much of this violence was against Trump — not in support of him — and several of the reported “hate crimes” turned out to be fake, but that didn’t matter. The media kept reporting and encouraging the attacks because it undermined the president-elect.

Well now it looks as if their plan backfired. See why many are accusing CBS of inciting violence on the next page:

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