Catholic Church Leader Tenders Resignation After Quran Reading

Former Chaplain to Her Majesty the Reverend Gavin Ashenden announced his resignation on his personal blog. Apparently, this singing of the Quran is part of a bigger chain of events that is still unfolding, and because of this, the church needed to silence anybody who spoke out against them. That sounds familiar.

Remarking that the decision to step down was “the most honourable course of action” and had come after years of “attempts to silence or defenestrate me”, Rev. Ashenden said he had spoken out in the past on controversial matters as a “matter of integrity and responsibility”.

Earlier this week Rev. Ashenden called the decision to allow sung prayers from the Quran in a Scottish Cathedral service that demands Allah is worshipped and denies the divinity of Jesus Christ, “blasphemy”, and said the Cathedral should apologise to persecuted Christians worldwide.

In a letter published in The Times, the Rev. said: “Quite apart from the wide distress (some would say blasphemy) caused by denigrating Jesus in Christian worship, apologies may be due to the Christians suffering dreadful persecution at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere.

“To have the core of a faith for which they have suffered deeply treated so casually by senior Western clergy such as the Provost of Glasgow is unlikely to have a positive outcome”. In an article for the Jersey Evening Post titled ‘The Choice is Between Jesus and Mohammed’ penned shortly afterwards, the priest called the decision to choose that particular Quran reading to be read on the Feast of the Epiphany a “glowing cherry of offence to the iced cake of incompetence”.

Now his opposition to the Muslim prayer in a British Cathedral has brought the churchman’s tenure as a chaplain to the Queen to a premature end.

This is all very foreboding. Never has a religion spread with such power and influence as Islam has. The question that we should all be asking is why? Why is the Catholic church so hellbent on welcoming wolves into the den? Is it money, power, or is it part of a greater plan by a bigger enemy? Only time will tell.





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