Carson’s Response To Mocking of GOP Candidates: Obama “Afraid of Going on Fox”

Ever the level-headed man, Carson kept his cool and pointed to Obama's own behavior in similar situations. In his interview with Breitbart, Carson said:

“‘That wouldn’t happen to be the same President Obama who was afraid to go on Fox, would it?' Carson said with a laugh, during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

‘Must be a different guy,' said Carson, who recently topped a NBC News/WSJ poll. ‘That’s just ridiculous,' he added.”

Breitbart adds:

“Carson dismissed Obama’s heckle. ‘I think [there’s] universal accord on the idea that CNBC was way off base with that [October] debate.' Carson said.

‘Do you face the problem head-on? I believe in facing problems head-on,' he added, referring to the collective decision by GOP candidates to withdraw from NBC’s planned debate. NBC is the parent company of CNBC.

Carson also went after pundits who didn’t view him as a serious candidate. ‘They’ve been wrong from the very start… they’re not used to this,' he said.”

Perhaps people who live in glass White Houses shouldn't throw stones, eh, Mr. President?




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