Carlson: Democrats Have No Idea Why They Keep Losing Elections

Carlson: Democrats Have No Idea Why They Keep Losing Elections

Dear Liberals,

Are you tired of losing? Are you tired of wiping away Hillary’s tears while staffers keep killing trees to print her Russian conspiracy articles?

You should be mad. Because you’re all pathetic and out of touch with reality. Here is a dose of truth. Not even the entire slough of CA elite pooling their millions together was enough to buy Jon Osseff the election in GA.

This race shouldn’t have even been remotely close. You’re all a bigger bunch of fools than most folks take you for if you still aren't grasping the severity of the situation. We know, we know, you thought Osseff's love of affordable organic kale coupled with his passionate support of abortion rights would be a sure fire win.

Those are the issues on the forefront of everybody’s minds these days. Where are all these free abortions and nasty kale smoothies the liberal agenda promised me under the reign of Obummer? It’s hard hitting stuff. Right!

How are these liberal broads going to slim down in enough time for their next abortion without organic kale helping them keep their body positive figures…

Osseff, Hillary, the rest of the liberal encampment, here is some advice, your party is in such rotten shape that you’re all no longer a threat to conservatives. So, while our politicians are busy investigating Hillary for the 100th time, sit back, pop open a bag of Cheetos, shove that in your mouths and shut up cause you’re gonna learn a thing or two today about life from the perspective of everyday freedom loving Americans. More on the next page

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