Carlson: Democrats Have No Idea Why They Keep Losing Elections

Liberals it must seem that no one in America loves you these days. But, rest assured that Fox News is at least concerned enough after reporting on your stupidity over the last year to offer you some helpful consulting. Take Tucker Carlson for example. He called the election hours before the polls even closed in GA for Republican Karen Handel. Not that he is even a fan of Handel.

“Karen Handel might be a remarkably impressive person, but has certainty shown no signs of that so far”

But she still whipped the liberal Ivy Leagued educated part-time filmmaker by a landslide… Ya know.

Maybe liberals don’t spend time reading to their kids or teaching them any common sense. That might explain why you’ll never hear the old tale of Humpty Dumpty. The similarities are strong. You guys got overly ambitious, tried to climb and perch yourself as moral Gods on President Trump’s as of yet metaphorical wall AND now the Democratic Party has had a great fall and all of the money in CA can’t put you back together again.

But the next best thing is listening to Tucker Carlson explain just how out of touch with reality you’ve all become with your liberal hysteria and fear of facts. Let him explain it all to you cause who else gets the motivation or the Christian compassion to spend another minute talking about all your dumb ass mistakes and deserved fall from grace.

This was originally written for dear old Hillary but it applies to her whole party of crooks and a labor of love nonetheless for all you liberals.

Humpty Hillary sat on a wall,
Humpty Hillary had a great fall;
All the FBI leaks and all Obama’s men
Couldn’t put Hillary together again.

See someone at least cares enough about you to mock you. That’s still a win. Heck, probably the biggest and only win the Democrats are going to see for quite some time now.

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