Captives Rescued From Violent Marxist Cult

Recently the Peruvian military freed 39 captives who were kidnapped by a Maoist cult known as the Shining Path. During the decades they endured there, they witnessed and were subject to many horrors. According to Vice:

With the help of a former hostage who had escaped a month ago, the military deployed 120 soldiers and four helicopters to save the hostages in a nine day operation.

The army is accusing the Maoist group, Sendero Luminoso, or the Shining Path, of raping the hostages and forcing them into farm labor.

One of the rescued captives was a 70-year-old woman who had been abducted from a nunnery, officials said; another was a toddler.

Many of the rebel group's children prisoners were born after their mothers were raped, government officials said.

And some of the children didn't want to be rescued because the rebels had told them the army was the enemy and wanted to kill them, according to the BBC.

“The children are gathered to work in agriculture and the women are expected to procreate and give birth to more rebels,” Vice Defense Minister Ivan Vega Loncharich told the BBC.

About 100 hostages are still believed to be in captivity, according to Peru This Week.

What's truly scary about stories like this is that there are some people alive today who still advocate for Marxist forms of government. There are human beings who would praise such a group for what they did – and that is truly frightening.

Source: Vice

Photo provided by Peruvian Presidential Office



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