Cambridge University: World Must Prepare for Biological Weapon That Targets Genetics

Sky News host Sharri Markson reported in July 2021 on an official Chinese government document – submitted to the United Nation’s Biological Weapons Convention in 2011 – discussing “weaponizing specific viruses to target races.”

If Chinese scientists succeed in designing pathogens that target only non-Chinese races, the next microbe, virus, or germ to come out of China could end non-Chinese societies. This would be Communist China’s civilization-killer.

In the video below, Markson covers the report regarding China’s document on weaponizing pathogens.

The topic is covered from 4:08-10:22.

Afterward, turn the page to see the U.S. response to an incredible statement by Vladamir Putin: “They are collecting biological materials of various ethnic groups that live in different geographic locations in Russia.”



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