Californian and Yellowstone Fault Lines Are Abnormally Active

Californian and Yellowstone Fault Lines Are Abnormally Active

The Earth has been shaking significantly in the Yellowstone region and along the California fault lines.  Though there is no “earthquake” season, there is an elevation of the number and the intensity of quakes over the past week or so, which has scientists concerned.

Just a week ago, the 5.2-magnitude quake in Borrego Springs,  woke up many sleepy Southern California homes.  This quake was followed by 800 aftershocks.  This number is abnormally high for aftershocks.

Head northeast, toward Yellowstone National Park and Montana, where just this past week, several quakes have hit the region.  A magnitude 3.7 quake hit on June 9th, magnitude 4.3 on June 13th and on June 15th, a magnitude 4.0 shook the region.

Though Yellowstone is hit by earthquakes all the time, as it sits upon the Yellowstone super volcano, most of these quakes are extremely small.  These higher magnitude quakes are unusual and disconcerting.

View the USGS image of the quakes on the next page and learn more about the abnormal amount of seismic activity seen through out the Pacific, the Rim of Fire, Montana and the in the East with the Madrid Fault Zone.

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