California Senate Passes “Sanctuary State” Bill Despite Passionate Arguments by Citizens

On March 25, Lupe Moreno of Redding, California, appeared before the Senate Appropriations Committee to speak out against the proposed bill, asserting it will endanger children throughout the state.

Moreno cited the U.S. Constitution in her testimony:

Article VI, Section 4 of the United States shall guarantee to every state in the union a republican form [of government] and shall protect against invasion and domestic violence.”

She noted that she was speaking on behalf of the “angel mothers” who’ve had children “slaughtered” in such communities as Salinas and Santa Ana.

Our beautiful children have been sacrificed at the altar of elected officials and non-profits as we can see how many non-profits are making money off our dead children.”

Stop trying to blur the difference between illegal and legal. There’s a big difference. We’re Americans – we live the American culture and we have the American spirit. We don’t steal, we don’t lie and we don’t take other people’s things.”

She pointed out that those who are deported get to go on living while many victims of illegal alien violence suffer ongoing trauma or even death.

In her moving testimony, Moreno revealed that she had been raped by an illegal immigrant and was pregnant by age 14. She had five children by age 22, all by an illegal alien. She wound up marrying him and says she lives “in fear, horror and terror” in her “sanctuary” city.

We’re going to plaster our dead children’s pictures all over the state and we’re gonna let them know what government elected officials have let the slaughter of our children happen in California and all these cities. It’s a disgrace, a total disgrace.”

The provisions of the bill specifically bars state and local law enforcements agencies from using resources to help with immigration enforcement. Those authorities will be prohibited from asking about immigration status and letting federal immigration authorities have access to people in custody.

Exceptions to the policy allow local agencies to transfer individuals to federal agencies if there is a judicial warrant or if the person in question has been previously convicted of a violent felony.

Nonetheless, Moreno noted that “weeping mothers not only in California but throughout the United States” will ultimately defeat the sanctuary movement.



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