California Governor Brown to ‘Play President’ in Russia

Seeing himself as the putative President of the People’s Republic of California while pursuing his own foreign policy, Brown tries desperately to cling to the spotlight any way he can.

On Wednesday night, he issued a press statement outlining his goal for the upcoming trip to Russia.

This Pacific forum on trade isn’t just an occasion to promote investment, it’s an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to decarbonizing the economy. Every government and every business is responsible for making this radical turn.”

His visit comes on the heels of the Trump administration’s announcement that it’s ordered the Kremlin to close its consulate in San Francisco as retaliation for Russia’s expulsion of American diplomats following the imposition of new economic sanctions by the United States.

While in Russia, Brown hopes to persuade Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and others to join in his environmental crusade. At this point, Brown has no private meetings with leaders scheduled, according to a spokesman.

This past June, Brown signed a separate agreement with China regarding how California and China will cooperate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The meeting came during a visit to a clean energy conference in Beijing.

At the Russia forum, Brown will give opening remarks and participate in a panel discussion titled “The Russia-China-Japan-U.S. Quadrangle: Are There Opportunities for Cooperation?” It’s expected he will use the opportunity to inject climate change into the discussion.

During his six-day visit to Russia, Brown will speak on climate change at the Far Eastern Federal University and at the sixth Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education.

The trip isn’t being paid for by taxpayers. The nonprofit California State Protocol Foundation, funded by private donations, will cover expenses for Brown, his wife and three staff members.

No information is available on the projected carbon footprint of the governor’s trip.

Source: The Daily Caller, The Sacramento Bee

Image: Wikicommons



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