CAIR Helps San Bernardino Terrorists After The Attack

CAIR Helps San Bernardino Terrorists After The Attack

The freedoms allowed citizens of the United States and protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the envy of the world, and a true blessing to all who strive beneath them. Sadly, there are those who will take such freedoms and protections and abuse them. They take advantage of the freedoms in ways that would land them in jail and worse in their own countries.

One of the worst violators is the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an insidious organization that demands respect for, and compliance to, their demands. They have been investigated innumerable times for fund raising for Islamic terror groups, and no matter how outrageous the action, if a Muslim is involved, CAIR will insist the perpetrator is innocent and demand apologies and retribution.

There is no middle ground for CAIR, Islam is right and everyone else is wrong. And they have learned to twist the laws and culture of the U.S. in order to protect and support even the most outrageous Muslim activities.

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