CAIR Helps San Bernardino Terrorists After The Attack

CAIR Actions Over the Top

In the latest example of such behavior, CAIR held a press conference featuring the families of Syed Farook and Tashfeen, killers of fourteen co-workers of Farook in a display of brutal, inhuman Islamic terror.  As is their wont, CAIR did not disavow that the horrific act was spawned by Islamic fanatics, rather they insisted that U.S. foreign policy fueled the extremism.

Their adversarial relation to the United States and anyone that would suggest that Islam is the problem will find themselves vilified and attacked by this outlandish group. There is no shame for their actions, and the reality is that they feed the anger and the claim that the West is the cause of all the woes faced by Muslims, especially those living in the “paradise” of the Middle East.

Here is how they handled the situation after the husband and wife team slaughtered fourteen innocent co-workers of Farook.

CAIR issued a press release drawing attention to its role, almost as if legal assistance were a kind of death benefit offered to would-be terrorists, ensuring their children’s welfare.

CAIR’s actions do not meet the legal definition of “accessory after the fact.” But helping terrorists’ families, and broadcasting their political message–common practices of regimes that support terror, like the Palestinian Authority–is an odd way to carry out CAIR’s mission of improving “American-Islamic relations.” If anything, CAIR’s actions are calculated to inflame those relations.

One might think that an organization that was once named an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism trial – and a designated terror organization in the United Arab Emirates – might be at great pains to distance itself from any new terrorist acts.

But CAIR cultivates its notoriety because it serves the organization’s fundamentalist purposes.

So, for example, CAIR-LA is exploiting the terror attacks to launch a religious outreach campaign, calling on local mosques to stage interfaith vigils in the wake of the attacks. The ostensible purpose of the vigils is to show that Muslims “experience terrorist attacks–regardless of whether they’re perpetrated in the name of Islam–as Americans, not as Muslims.”

CAIR ought to be shamed for exploiting terror–not rewarded by the media and politicians as the leading, and legitimate, voice of American Muslims. Additionally, they should be investigated, shadowed and driven from the public square, publicly shamed, and repudiated by the press.

And most of all, they should be prosecuted whenever possible.  We should all give thanks for the blessing of living in a free land that observes the rule of law, but it is organizations like CAIR that make one want to exact the type of punishment that CAIR would receive in Saudi Arabia for such actions rather than constantly being given a pass. But perhaps that is one of the prices of freedom.





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