CAIR “Educates” Trump On Imaginary Gov’t Limits


So here's what has the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) so upset with Mr. Trump.

Again, from Breitbart:

“One of my first acts as President will be to establish a Commission on Radical Islam – which will include reformist voices in the Muslim community,” Trump declared  in a reformist foreign policy speech on Monday.

“The goal of the commission will be to identify and explain to the American public the core convictions and beliefs of Radical Islam, to identify the warning signs of radicalization, and to expose the networks in our society that support radicalization … [and] we will pursue aggressive criminal or immigration charges against anyone who lends material support to terrorism,” he said.”

No, CAIR, Mr. Trump is not seeking to abridge religious freedoms. But he is seeking to draw the line to protect Americans from violent acts by groups such as those you support, whatever their ideology. And that is constitutional.



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