By Obama’s Command, U.S. Military Can’t Say Christmas

By Obama’s Command, U.S. Military Can’t Say Christmas

Although Christmas is universally celebrated across America and is a federally recognized holiday the Obama regime has directed the military to forbid personnel to say “Christmas”.

Armed forces officials justified the order by explaining that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so soldiers referring to Christmas celebrations using the generic term “holiday”-themed festivities is a sign of respect for them.

The prohibition is not an isolated change, but may be the most noteworthy in the context of a sweeping push for political correctness in the military.  Recent examples of serious consequences of this political correctness agenda in the military include  Navy Chaplain Wes Modder who was reprimanded for simply discussing religion, as chaplains are wont to do, with military personnel.

See how servicemen have reacted to not being allowed to say Christmas at the link below:

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