Military Can’t Say Christmas Per Obama Order

This blanket ban on Christmas in the military has apparently been in the works for sometime. Within the past couple years, military personnel have reported incidents in which they've been told to keep their faith to themselves lest they offend others, even when no demonstrable harm has been done. According to Coach Is Right:

“Being the Christmas season it seems the right time to recall one of Barack’s most despicable slaps against the Christian faith to which he has falsely claimed allegiance throughout his political career. It took place in 2013 at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. During a pre-Christmas meeting with members of the 158th Infantry Brigade, the discussion turned to the upcoming Christmas football tournament. According to a soldier present at the meeting, it was at this point that ‘…the equal opportunity representative stopped the briefing and told us that we can’t say Christmas.' This PC lunatic continued on, ‘…[telling] our commander that not everyone celebrates Christmas and we couldn’t say Christmas celebration. It had to be holiday celebration.' And this was no simple suggestion. It was an order–that is a threat, backed up by Military ‘Justice' as necessary.

Of course it isn’t like the military has made Christians who talk about their religion guilty of a felony, warranting a court martial or removal from the service. Oh wait! That was just a few months ago wasn’t it! Christians do not have permission to talk about their religion, they are not allowed to share their faith even when asked. In June, the Navy took Chaplain Wes Modder to task for discussing religion in counseling sessions. The Navy ‘…removed  Modder from its promotion list, terminated him for cause, removed him from his unit, and brought him before an official Board of Inquiry.'”

Truth And Action has covered this issue in depth before:

We’ve posted many stories of Obama’s hostility towards our military and especially Christians in the military over the past couple of years; from the Army dening soldiers to say the word ‘Christmas‘, to the Air Force removing the Bible from POW/MIS displays to Obama shutting down a church in the Navy and threatening the pastor with arrest, we continue to see story after story of the military forging an environment of animosity towards Christians.

Sources: Coach Is Right



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