Did Businessman pay Bill Clinton $1M+ to Secure Father’s Release from Iran Jail?

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have extensive records of offering quid pro quo favors to friend, associates, businesses, and even rivals throughout their entire careers.  Peter Schweizer's book, Clinton Cash, digs deeply into a number of these suspect dealings — perhaps most notably Hillary Clinton's approval of a Uranium mine sale to the Russians during her tenure as secretary of state.

Now, the Daily Caller is calling into question Nima Taghavi's donations to the Clinton Foundation just before Bill Clinton helped secure the release of Taghavi's father from an Iranian jail:

Just before an Iranian-American businessman was freed from jail in Iran in Oct. 2010, his son met with Bill Clinton and also made the first of what would become more than $1 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Sources tell The Daily Caller that Nima Taghavi, who owns businesses in California, grew impatient in 2010 with negotiations to secure his father Reza’s release from an Iranian prison, and so he turned to the former president for help.

To arrange the meeting with Clinton, Taghavi first contacted Doug Band, who worked as Clinton’s “body man,” has counseled the Clinton Foundation, and co-founded Teneo Holdings, a consulting group that Clinton advised.

The elder Taghavi was detained in May 2008 during a trip to the Islamic regime and accused of financing terrorist activity after he gave $200 to an Iranian man who turned out to have ties to a terrorist group suspected in a mosque bombing in Shiraz. Taghavi, who was 69 years old when arrested, said he was only doing a favor for his friend in the U.S. and had no idea that the man who would receive the money was involved in terrorism.


Taghavi met with the former president in hopes that he would serve as special envoy to Iran, sources told TheDC. And through his personal charity, the Nima Taghavi Foundation, the businessman gave a $5,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation in 2010. He would go on to give more than $1 million over the next several years.

The timing of the meeting and the first round of donations raises two questions: whether Clinton promised to help Taghavi in exchange for contributions to his family’s organization and whether he violated an agreement not to personally solicit funds for his charity.

As part of the deal to bring Hillary Clinton on board as secretary of state, the Clintons signed a memorandum of understanding in Dec. 2008 agreeing to the stipulation that Bill Clinton not raise money.

It is unclear if Hillary Clinton knew of her husband’s meeting with Taghavi. In an email informing Clinton that an unnamed Iranian-American businessman had been released from an Iran jail Clinton asked her aide Huma Abedin who the prisoner was. Abedin informed her it was Reza Taghavi.

In an email with the subject “Why Taghavi was released,” a State Department official wrote “I understand [Clinton] is asking.”

The theory of a Clinton-related quid pro quo — whether Hillary Clinton knew about it or not — is not unfounded, as it fits a pattern of the former first couple providing favors and access to donors to their charity and to their various political campaigns.


Tax filings reviewed by TheDC show that Taghavi’s contributions to the Clinton charity have increased significantly in the years after his father’s release and make up the vast majority of the Taghavi Foundation’s disbursements. In the year ended Nov. 30, 2011, Taghavi gave $326,784 to the Clinton Foundation. He gave $167,500 in 2012, $200,000 in 2013 and $150,000 in 2014. According to the Clinton Foundation website, Taghavi has contributed between $1 million and $5 million in all. He also donated an undisclosed amount in the fourth quarter of 2015.

While nobody is upset that former President Bill Clinton was able to help secure the release of Reza Taghavi, people are questioning the motivation behind it.  Considering the Clintons' questionable history, many believe the former president was not acting out of the goodness of his heart, but instead only sought to free Mr. Taghavi to further his foundation.


Source: The Daily Caller



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