One Year After ‘Clinton Cash’ Media Remains Silent on Hillary’s Uranium Deal

One Year After ‘Clinton Cash’ Media Remains Silent on Hillary’s Uranium Deal

Hillary Clinton does not play by the same set of rules that just about every single other American must.

She feels — and not surprisingly so — that she is above the law.

Scandal after scandal has plagued Hillary and former President Bill Clinton for decades, yet neither of them have faced any legal repurcusions.

Even after the Whitewater scandal and the supposed suicide of White House counsel Vince Foster, when Hillary stonewalled investigators and hid evidence, she remained untouched.  In regard to her current legal woes, Obama’s Justice Department has protected her every step of the way, refusing to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to disclose the progress of the email/server investigation.

Other than the Obama administration, Hillary’s biggest protector remains the mainstream media.  Sure, they don’t fawn over her the same way they do Barack Obama, but she wants to protect his legacy, therefore they protect her.

Last month marked one year since the release of Peter Schweizer’s book, Clinton Cash.  And over one year later, the mainstream media has failed to ask Mrs. Clinton about her shady deal to approve the sale of a Uranium mining company — with half of the United States’ reserves — to the Russians.  To read more about the deal itself and the silence of the mainstream media, continue reading on the next page:

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