Brooklyn Introduces Legislation To Restrict Ammo Sales

Brooklyn Introduces Legislation To Restrict Ammo Sales

Not content with restricting guns, New York lawmakers are moving to restrict valuable components of them.

Proud of their efforts to further limit the rights of gun owners, state legislators announced that they introduced new measures to tighten laws regulating the sale of ammunition in the New York Senate and Assembly.

The bills, drawn up by state Senator Roxane Persuad and Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon, are supposedly about keeping terrorists from stockpiling ammo, as happened in California with the San Bernardino shooters, but many New Yorkers are concerned that they will impose undue hindrances on law-abiding gun owners.

For example, gun owners would only be permitted to purchase a certain amount of ammo within the same 90-day time period. On top of that gun vendors will be prohibited from selling ammo for particular weapons if the customer is not authorized to own said weapon.

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