Brooklyn Introduces Legislation To Restrict Ammo Sales

The gun bills currently being discussed in the New York legislature are not simply about inconveniencing gun owners: they're also about penalizing anyone who violates their stringent mandates. If they both manage to pass, we can expect to see honest gun owners turned over night into violators who will be fined and even imprisoned.

“While the measure is aimed at owners of assault rifles, the language contained in the draft legislation would also affect owners of handguns with much smaller capacities, such as six-shooters.

Since the measure would cap the amount of ammunition to no more than twice the amount of the capacity of the weapon every 90 days, these gun owners would be limited to buying a dozen bullets every three months.

This provision is likely to make the bill unpopular with everyday gun owners and advocacy groups including the National Rifle Association. The Brooklyn Eagle has reached out to the NRA for comment.

Under the proposal, Section 270.00 of the New York State Penal Law would be amended to prevent gun dealers from selling ammunition for a firearm to anyone unauthorized to have such a weapon, regardless of the weapon type. Under the current code, only pistols and revolvers are specifically regulated. The bills' sponsors say this creates a ‘loophole' for those seeking to purchase ammunition for assault weapons.

Penalty for the violation of this law would also be increased from a Class B misdemeanor, or not more than three months in jail and not more than $500 in fines, to a Class E felony, or up to four years in prison with a minimum of one year.

While the practicality of limiting small-capacity gun owners to a less than a box of bullets is unexplored, those familiar with the legislation say the lawmakers look upon the language as a starting point in negotiations.”

Source: Brooklyn Eagle



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