British Muslims Chant: “USA Soon You’ll Pay. Caliphate is On Its Way”

British Muslims Chant: “USA Soon You’ll Pay. Caliphate is On Its Way”

Some things simply were never intended to be mixed. One example would be the US Constitution and a caliphate. Even the best liberals around, those cultural and moral relativists who love to interpret things figuratively or in the light of modernity, when pushed will fail at integrating those two opposing forms of government. Part of the reason is that while some liberals are willing to re-interpret most any part of the Constitution, the folks on the other side of the debate, the exponents of a caliphate, are not so willing in regard to the Koran.

The US has already had a small sample of this push for a caliphate in remarks made by an advisor to the US government:

“Yes, I do consider the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution. Move on!” stated Mohamed Elibiary, top advisor to DHS and the FBI and other agencies, last October to great controversy.

In another controversial Tweet, Elibiary stated it is “Inevitable That Caliphate Returns.”

This effort to bring an Islamic form of government to the US is illustrated by one of the latest examples of protest by Muslims against what they believe is an affront to Islam — President Trump's attempt at a temporary ban on travel from seven Muslim nations that are terrorist havens.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Syrian embassy in London in a rally organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, a Muslim group calling for the establishment of a caliphate, and chanted anti-American slogans to protest US policy.

What was their chant? “USA you will pay, caliphate is on its way.”

These Muslims are mistaken in what they believe, or just wish to believe, is President Trump's intent in imposing the ban. This is not a man attempting to return to the Crusades. He has banned travel from Muslim nations that are in turmoil or that harbor or support terrorists. Some of the nations with the largest Muslim populations are not part of his ban.

However, these Muslim protesters understand this issue very well. Note their chant again, “USA you will pay, caliphate is on its way.” They clearly see the incompatibility of the Islamic form of government our our Constitutional Republic. For them, it's one or the other, not both. And they are not one bit timid in stating their ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, many liberals in the US cannot or will not grasp the utter inability for a nation to be both a western democracy and part of a caliphate. They've got it wrong, and the Muslim protesters in London understand the issue and what's at stake very well.

Will our friends on the left ever learn?

Source: Jerusalem Post



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