Breitbart Editor Event Brings in BLM Activits, Feminists and Protestors using Fake Blood

Despite these events, this didn't stop the event organizer or Yiannopoulos from carrying on. They'd even planned on having this happen. Due to the fact that Yiannopoulos is such a controversial character, this type of chaos was a given.

We didn’t expect them to cover themselves, the building and others in red paint to protest some vague idea of Milo being “hateful.” They were misinformed, if at all informed, on Milo’s stances, and they were incredibly unwise in their choice of action.

The event was obviously a huge success. The protests brought even larger publicity, and there were at least a thousand people milling about Scott Hall last night. Fans, protesters, police, the press. An admin from KnowYourMeme even showed up. Milo got shouted over a bunch, which was unfortunate, but it really served to just prove exactly the purpose of his speech: modern leftism is poisoning debate and thought at universities. You can’t even bring a harmless gay man to speak without an enormous shouting match erupting. Black Lives Matter will not benefit from this appearance, just like they did not benefit from their poor exhibition at the Dartmouth library.

If you look hard enough on the Internet, the cell phone videos of this occurrence shouldn't be too difficult to find. Let's hope that enough people spread them around and show Black Lives Matter for the violent hate group that they are.




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