Billy’s Ex-girlfriend gives her Opinion on ‘Why People Are Going To Trump’

The Clinton past is being brought to the present by Trump and the women who have been sexually assaulted and even raped by Bill Clinton.  Hillary will not be able to get past this, as she claims to be the candidate for women, but has been an accessory to Bill's sexual crimes for decades.

The old verse,”Be sure your sin will find you out,” is indeed a fact and Trump is making certain the American public remember the kind of person Bill, a womanizer and sexual predator and the woman who stood behind him as the First Lady, covering up and excusing his crimes.

So we must ask, is it worth excusing Clinton for enabling rape and sexual assault of countless women simply to say that we have a woman as president of the United States? It seems that many voters would say yes. The evidence is quite clear that Hillary is driven by boundless ambition and hunger for power, and it is so strong it would even cause her to overlook her husbands abusive sexual attacks on women and even to support him and protect him from justice, just so that she could retain the position of first lady, and now to ascend to the White House, shared Truth and Action.

Another woman has broken her silence and shared what she knows to be true about Bill Clinton, going way back to their childhood.

There is one woman who is deeply familiar with Bill Clintons’ predatory pattern and that is Dolly Kyle, who has known “Billy” since they were both children. Kyle was Clinton’s childhood sweetheart and on-again-off-again girlfriend up until the early 1990’s.

“I will say I completely believe everything Juanita has ever said about that,” Kyle told WND. “I also believe Hillary threatened her in the follow up. In terms of threats and intimidation, it was initially Billy who threatened to destroy me in 1992 if I cooperated with the media. I found it later it was Hillary who was behind the actual attacks against me through her sniveling sycophant Sidney Blumenthal. So this is what they’ve been doing forever.”

Kyle traces the Clintons’ sordid history of criminality, corruption and personal attacks against their victims in her new book “Hillary: The Other Woman.” She was recently contacted by Broaddrick via Twitter, and the two began talking.

“Talking to Juanita has confirmed everything I believed about her,” she told WND. “She’s a good, solid person and she is truthful. But she is hurt by all these things.”

She believes that the Clinton History must be part of the bigger campaign conversation. “Perhaps younger women don’t know about the long line of accusers who were sexually assaulted and abused by Bill Clinton. Or perhaps they prefer not to know, or to think that it is old news, no longer relevant.

But it is curious that they would also dismiss the fact that Hillary was a co-conspirator and an enabler who covered for Bill, and who made it clear to the victims that they would pay a price if they disclosed his actions. Several victims are speaking out, but it is uncertain if it will make any difference in how the female voters react to Hillary’s campaign for president.”

Trump, according to Candice Jackson, Los Angelos attorney and author of the author of “Their Lives: The Woman Targeted By The Clinton Machine,” believes that Trump is the only Republican who is courageous enough to broadcast the Clinton crimes.

“This is the reason Trump is doing so well,” Kyle said. “We Americans grew up thinking people who went to Washington should be brave, should be our John Wayne or Davey Crockett or whatever. And we have been grossly disappointed.

“The people who are running against Trump didn’t have the courage to say anything against Clinton. Courage is what is missing in Washington. We don’t have a national backbone anymore. That’s why people are going to Trump – the man has a backbone.”

Keep the conversation going.  Talk with young voters and encourage them to research Hillary's role in covering up Bill's affairs and that her hypocrisy is just another reason she cannot be president.

Source: Truth Uncensored





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