Billionaire Couple Linked to the Clinton Foundation’s Work in Haiti Found Dead in Claimed “Murder/Suicide”

As the country continues to mull over whether or not President Trump is a racist for allegedly describing Haiti as a dung heap, another couple connected to the Clinton Foundation’s philanthropic work in Haiti has been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Much like Peter Smith suddenly was found dead in a hotel room with a note reading “NO FOUL PLAY” 10 days after telling the Wall Street Journal he was close to tracking down Hillary Clinton’s infamous missing emails. This case reeks of foul play.

Those into conspiracies find it very interesting that this news is all of a sudden being pushed away by the mainstream media. Some have suggested the Clinton family and their “foundation” are largely responsible for the majority of the destruction still seen in Haiti today resulting from the 2010 earthquake.  Reportedly, only 5.7% of the funds donated ever made their way to the hands of the Haitian people! If the roles were reversed, liberals would certainly be screaming ‘racist' over that!

Barry and Honey Sherman were also one of the billionaire couples who donated to the Clinton Foundation to help after the earthquake.

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