Billionaire Couple Linked to the Clinton Foundation’s Work in Haiti Found Dead in Claimed “Murder/Suicide”

A billionaire pharmaceutical executive who funded major philanthropic aid to underdeveloped countries was found dead along with his wife.

Apparently, the legacy of alleged Clinton hit man Larry Nichols lives on. Nichols served as a political confidant and adviser to Governor Bill Clinton for more than ten years. The man also confesses to having killed a lot of people for the Clintons. Check out Nichols’ confession HERE.

Barry and Honey Sherman were close allies of the Clinton Foundation UNTIL they were both mysteriously found dead by strangulation.

Canadian officials announced on Friday that the billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in their home in December.

For the past month officials called their deaths a murder-suicide

The couple was found strangled in their Toronto home.

But here is where things start to get weird. Move on to the next page:




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