Bill Clinton Accusers Fear for Their Lives Should Hillary Become President

Perhaps the hope of Hillary and friends is that the public gets so worn down over the decades of reprehensible and probably illegal behavior by her husband toward women that they just tune out when Bill's alleged victims speak.  Coupled with the continuing drumbeat of criticism of Mr. Trump's offensive comments regarding women of eleven years ago, comments we will not defend, the plan may be working.

That these women who are coming forward with lurid stories concerning their encounters with Bill are scared for their lives has been well documented.  Whether these fears are valid is the question.  Perhaps disturbing stories of what happened to Clinton enemies over the years informs and encourages their fears.

Whatever the source of their concerns for their safety, that they are plagued by such fears is well illustrated by the following interview.

Should they be worried?  Well, should some misfortune befall any of these ladies, we would earnestly hope for a thorough and independent investigation.  Meaning one in which the Clintons and their allies have no involvement or influence.




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