Bike Lock Attacker at Berkeley Riot Identified as College Professor

As Stiles lay bleeding on the ground from a serious head wound, researchers were already springing into action to determine the assailant.

Using the concept of crowdsourcing, /pol/, a sub-section message board hosted on 4Chan, settled on one individual as the criminal and Stiles as the victim.

Eric Clanton, a professor of philosophy at Diablo Valley College (DVC), is a known Antifa supporter who advocates anarchist tactics to his students. Ironically, he teaches courses on ethics and critical thinking, both of which he's seemingly abandoned.

DVC is a two-year community college in Pleasant Valley, California. The school has confirmed that Clanton is a faculty member. While aware of the accusations, administrators aren’t issuing comment at this time.

He received his degree at San Francisco State University, which may explain a lot.

What is most amazing about the unmasking of Eric Clanton is the level of dedication and time spent by random Internet users to track down the criminal …”

/pol/ reportedly hacked into Clanton’s Amazon account and discovered he’d ordered 14 bike locks with one-day shipping. Apparently, he could have been intending to arm his fellow Antifa thugs.

Stiles has indicated that he will press assault charges against Clanton.

bike lock prof

bike chain

bike chain 2

bike chain 3

Source: The Gateway Pundit



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