Beware: The Progressive Ruse to Abolish the Electoral College Gains More Ground

Maine Governor, Democrat Janet T. Mills, trumpets on her website, “A New Direction for Maine,” and indeed she has just become the first governor in the US to make RCV a state-wide law. After stealing the US Representative seat from Bruce Poliquin, it was a no-brainer to introduce this method of voting. has been pushing this system on each and every statehouse in the nation and 10 cities have already fully adopted it. In fact, in my home state of Alaska, the push came right to Juneau through a group of RCV sycophants just today. The current Lieutenant Governor quickly squashed the effort, calling it illegal and extra-Constitutional, but the posse ran straight to the Alaska Supreme Court and, lo and behold, a judge allowed the group to go forward with a petition to introduce it here. That judge was appointed by none other than our very unpopular 1-term former-Governor Bill Walker, a man who held a single-minded thought to thwart each and every wish of the Alaskan voter.

Must Read Alaska:

Alaskans for Better Elections, which was denied its ballot initiative because it was found to be illegal, filed an immediate lawsuit in Superior Court to appeal the decision of the lieutenant governor.

From the looks of it, the Better Elections group has the advantage in court; it’s getting friendly treatment from a liberal judge.

Judge Yvonne Lamoureaux, who was appointed by Gov. Bill Walker, has ordered the State to begin printing petition booklets so the Better Elections group can continue progress toward its attempt at overhauling the Alaska election system.

Jason Grenn of West Anchorage, who is the front man for the national groups behind the ballot initiative, issued a press release saying the group believes its initiative is lawful.

“We strongly disagree with the opinion of Attorney General Clarkson, and we are confident that we can resolve this issue quickly,” Grenn said. “Ultimately, we’re fighting for Alaskan voters to have the right to decide whether or not they favor the improvements made to our elections through this initiative.”

You see? Improvements. Because the choice between two or three top candidates is just not feasible or “fair.”  Democrats are not interested in feasible or fair, though, as is evident by the many ways that they have schemed over the decades to steal elections.  Truth and Action revealed a few weeks ago the devious practice by Democrats to “pose” as something other than Democrats in order to turn Purple states to Blue:  Democrats Turning Red States Purple by Disguising Themselves as Independents, Undeclared

This precedent is being shoved in the direction of each and every one of us and many of our more Liberal states will be instituting this system as well.

The argument has been made that this system will allow for a greater choice for the voter, that it will eliminate just a binary choice between Republican and Democrat. However, if we look at the RCV advocacy, we can quickly see that Democrats in massive numbers support this system, while Republicans are four-square against it. If the argument is that the major parties take issue with this system, why is it that the DNC and Progressive dark money are pouring excessive amounts of cash into efforts to force its implementation on every state legislature? is paired with quite a few big league donors in Progressive circles and on the NEXT PAGE you can learn about who they are and, ultimately, what they believe about the everyday voter and the Electoral College!NEXT PAGE »



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