Ben Shapiro’s Smack Down of #BlackLivesMatter

Obama and Black Lives Matter have much in common as both have created a racial divide of the likes that has not been seen for a century. After Micheal Brown's death in Ferguson, the race relation debate has been rekindled in America.

What does #BlackLivesMatter actually mean, since both conservatives and liberals agree that black lives do matter and so do white, brown and red… that ALL lives matter?

Ben Shapiro slapped sense into the the movement in the following debate.

I am offended by the language of uprising applied to people who are breaking into other black people's stores and looting them.  This is a lack of values and people who are destroying private property, destroying cop cars, in an uprising against what exactly? Against a black police chief, against a mostly minority police force?  Against the black major? The black President? Against the black Attorney General? Against a city council that is 9 of 15 black and all 15 are elected Democrats? What is the uprising against? What is it seeking to achieve?  I still don't see what exactly the riots are seeking to achieve.

The bottom line is — this is all —it all could be boiled down to…. Just act like a human being!  Honestly, it's not a useful… its not useful to riot.  It's not useful to break things.  It's not useful to throw rocks at people.  And the idea that we are supposed to sort of correlate..

(interruption by mediator)

…correlate your level of outrage with a certain level of justification; in other words, the more outraged you are, the more angry you are, the more justified you must be is absolute nonsense.

Civil discourse in needed in this arena, but is the President and #BlackLivesMatter willing to be civil, or will they, in their outrage and anger, continue to throw rocks at those they hate?

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Source: Truth and Action  CNN  AM 770 KTTH



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