Beck Warns of Coming Crisis, Could Be This Week

The Bank for International Settlements has made it known that total debt ratios are a lot higher now than they were before the global financial crisis in 2007. In addition to that piece of “good” news, Yale University scholar Robert Shiller claims that many investors fear that stocks have reached the same overvalue as they did right before the breaking of the dotcom bubble in 2000. Could Glen Beck be right? It’s certainly looking that way.

However, Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish rabbi and author, has made a connection between the global economy and the Shemittah, the biblical time of rest.

The Bible tells the Jewish people to sow the land and reap its harvest for six years. On the seventh year during the high holy days of Shemittah, the people rest and leave the land fallow.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz told CBN News, “People from all over the world who’ve never heard of Shemittah are all of a sudden looking and trying to explore what is the significance of Shemittah because of all the global events that are happening that seem a bit unusual.” he said.

This is the week of Shemittah, and Cahn has predicted that this will be a time of economic disaster for America.

It would seem there’s even a religious prophecy that tells of this event, which is actually quite frightening, considering the fact that many biblical prophecies match the conditions of today’s world. Whether Shemittah is upon us or not, there’s still going to be tough times on the horizon.





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