Beck: ‘Europe Is Gone’, World Headed Toward Global War

Beck: ‘Europe Is Gone’, World Headed Toward Global War

Glenn Beck is a conservative talk show host, a writer, and somewhat of a voice crying in the wilderness, calling out a warning about the decline of civilization as we know it. He has been roundly mocked by the Left who see his warnings as emotional, bombastic nonsense, though they rarely have taken exception to his actual facts and figures. His critics have focused on personal attacks, and he has been diminished because his message is inconvenient and troubling.

Beck recently traveled through Europe and the Middle East, and he declared on his radio show on Monday morning that “Europe, as we know it is gone.” He foresees future terrorist strikes and riots in the streets because, as he states “they refused to listen to the warnings.” And he also suggests that the U.S. is likely to follow suit “if we don't get control of our immigration and our refugee problem right now.”

This is a much more dire perspective than most of our politicians are willing to lay out, perhaps because it questions the very essence of the multiculturalism movement that has been foisted onto the American public over the last two or three decades. The movement to embrace “tolerance” for any and all beliefs and actions has erased the call for standards and the recognition that there actually are right and wrong mores that society should live by.

The movement has been largely a Leftist philosophy, but has been grudgingly accepted by the Right in many cases. Beck is suggesting that there are consequences to a society that forgets its standards, culture, religion and history, and that it will lead to the disintegration of any nation that falls prey to that false philosophy.

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