BBC Report of Acid Attack Doesn’t Mention Recent Muslim Conversion

Carla Whitlock, a mother of six, was attacked with acid outside a Southampton bar on September 18th.  Her skin melted off her “face, arms and neck and potentially blinding her in the right eye.”  The mainstream media ignored all evidence pointing to this being an Islamic attack.

The BBC -thought that the fact the main suspect was an Islamic convert was completely irrelevant in the reporting of him allegedly committing a distinctly Islamic crime, according to what looks like typically hard-line, Islamist motive (Whitlock was a woman, out drinking, alone, in a skirt).

A quick Internet search for Billy Midmore shows that he in fact converted to Islam and change his name to “Billal Kid Mujahideen”.  His profile picture on Facebook is Islamisized, with a bearded face and “his index finger raised in a typical Islamist/Islamic State pose.”

The Mirror published the fact he had changed his name as well as reporting that he was indeed an Islamic convert on the 26th of last month. However, not a single news outfit appears to have followed them at the time of writing.


Is there fear in reporting that this is an Islamic attack?  Why do news organizations like the BBC and main stream media – The Telegraph, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, The Independent refuse to chase the story and call these kind of attacks what they really are?

Source:  Breitbart



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