Baton Rouge Processing Center Loses Their Muslim

According to reports coming in from the French news wire Agence France-Presse, Syrian refugees are being flown into the United States through airfare paid for by the State Department. Once they arrive in the country, they can be dispersed to any number of U.S. cities, where they receive government aide for the first 30 to 90 days they’re here.

Then, once refugees arrive in the country, they can be dispersed across a number of US cities (which includes Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Metairie), where they are aided within the first 30 to 90 days in settling and finding employment in the area.

After approximately 90 days, refugees are no longer eligible for the State Department-funded support that they were receiving through migrant and refugee services. However, they are able to join support programs through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Additionally, it is unclear how much the screening process for the 10,000 Syrian refugees costs American taxpayers. The State Department, though, has spent $1.1 billion resettling people from around the world in the country last year. That’s about $16,000 per person.

Despite claims that Catholic Charities is greatly involved in the refugee process, they are not. Catholic Charities merely helps migrants resettle. They are not responsible for tracking the individuals.

If the government can’t even keep track of one Syrian refugee, how are they going to keep track of hundreds of thousands? Obviously, that’s not a priority.

Obama has imported 250,000 Muslims every year since 2009, that’s a massive army!




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