Austria Deploys Troops to Its Italian Border

Italy has been the target of tens of thousands of refugees in the past several weeks and it appears that there will be no slowing down of this invasion in the near future.  In a desperate attempt to guilt fellow European leaders who were remaining quite glaringly mum on the subject over these few weeks, Italian leaders have called on these other European Union (EU) members to “help a brother out” and take some of the refugees off their hands.

If you run in the Leftist circles that most of these Socialist country leaders run, you’ll know that the number one thing you don’t do as a committed Progressive is halt immigration.  That is the sacred cow of immigration as a Socialist.  You must never say “no” to those who are seeking asylum, no matter what the reason.  Think about the ramifications of the travel ban on Trump’s administration because he dared go against the grain of the globalist mentality.  Looking out for number one is only good when it’s a committed Leftist who’s doing so.  When it’s a country doing it, well then, we must apply a standard guideline for such methodology.  If the action of looking out for number one involves trashing all fossil fuel depots and installing solar panels (hasn’t happened anywhere in the world, but it is a dream of the Liberals) then that is acceptable.  If it has something to do with the security of the citizens and the fact that one religion has been lopsidedly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in a few short decades, then that is NOT acceptable.

Comically enough, the European Union partners of Italy have decided that they’re just not equipped to help out the Mediterranean nation in its current crisis.  Not a single one of these many open-border nations has volunteered to help.  Hypocritical?  Without a doubt.  But does it mean that the other nations are just being cautious?  Or have they been the recent victims of the Islamic Revolution’s Caliphate, which seeks to set up a worldwide governmental structure that specifically (and obediently) serves the interests of sharia law and their prophet, Mohammad?

Austria, which is a direct border country to Italy, is fortunate to have a strong and seemingly unending chain of mountains.  The Alps are a direct obstacle that ensures that people cannot merely flow into Austria via Italy, but rather must stream through a very busy mountain valley known as Brenner Pass.

The pass is dominated by a very tall bridge structure that runs the length of the valley, its crest, a multi-lane highway system.  This is the way through which refugees can pass if they are traveling directly from Italy into Austria.  Recently, in yet another indication that European leaders are becoming increasingly uneasy about the influx of yet more tens of thousands of Muslims from areas of Syria, Libya, Iraq and other African nations, the Austrian Minister of Defense has made a compelling announcement.

An angry Italy summoned Austria’s ambassador after the government in Vienna announced it was ready to re-introduce border controls and deploy troops and armored vehicles along the border to block any migrant influx out of Italy. Austrian Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil told Kronen Zeitung daily that troops could go to the Brenner Pass and that four Pandur armoured personnel carriers had been sent to the Tyrol region with 750 troops were on standby.

“We need to prepare for the migration development in Italy, and I expect very promptly that border controls will have to be activated and assistance requested,” Hans Peter Doskozil told the online edition of the Krone daily, adding that a military deployment at the busy Alpine pass would be “indispensable if the influx into Italy [across the Mediterranean] does not diminish”. While Austria has border checks with Hungary and Slovenia, elsewhere – such as on the border with Italy – it adheres to the EU open borders system.

Doskozil explained that “these are not battle tanks. These are armored vehicles without weapons which could block roads. These were already used during the refugee crisis 201/16 at the Spielfeld border crossing [with Slovenia],” just in case Italy got the impression that its northern neighbor was preparing to invade.

The border controls will include the Alpine Brenner pass, which forms the border between Austria and Italy, one of the main mountain passes in the eastern Alps. There isn’t a strict time plan for the step-up in border security, but, according to Doskozil’s spokesman, “we see how the situation in Italy is becoming more acute and we have to be prepared to avoid a situation comparable to summer 2015” according to Reuters.

To give you an idea of how desperate this situation is, the Italian government has now announced that it is likely to shut its borders “temporarily” (which means for up to at least a year) and, amazingly, wants to impound aid agencies’ rescue ships!  That means that any refugees caught on the Mediterranean and unable to make it to Italian shores who are typically rescued by different privately- or publicly-funded agencies from around the world, will be stranded because Italian port authorities will be impounding those rescue ships in the harbors!  That’s a shocking detail from this story that seems to be getting little to no attention.  The fact that a move like that on the part of Italians is overlooked speaks volumes about what really is important to these immigration advocates.  If the U.S. had suddenly announced under the Trump administration that they were going to leave Cuban “boat people” refugees stranded in the Gulf of Mexico and, on top of that, wouldn’t allow other countries’ rescue ships to aid them, the outcry would be unprecedented.

Another thing to consider is a number of deaths that are taking place annually because of these migrations.  In 2013, the missing or dead numbered 600.  A year later, they had risen 3,500 and in 2015, the number was even more astounding at 3,771!  Last year, by far the most deadly to date, 5,082 people fell into these categories.  Right now, the number in 2017 has already topped 2,100.  These migrations will continue as long as neighboring countries in the Middle Eastern and African nations continue to ignore or deny their displaced brethren.

Perhaps the United Nations would like to explain that so that a poor, dumb Conservative like me could understand.

Source:  ZeroHedge



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