Attkisson: Obama Doesn’t Even Read His Intel Reports On Terrorist Groups

If you look at past events and measure them against President Obama’s current line of thinking, it might make you wonder if he sees veterans as potential terror threats or Conservatives as a whole. If one man decides who’s evil and who’s not there would be no balance in the world, only darkness.

Does he consider Hezbollah a terror group? Al-Qaeda? ISIS? If he does, it’s apparently not because of intelligence reports and experts and facts and figures, but rather his own personal decision.

This is how he does everything. The will of the people be damned. This is the mindset behind his abuse of executive power, it’s the reason he spares outrage only for those who criticize him, it’s why in the face of legitimate concern over the wisdom of his refugee policy he just vows a veto and have a nice day.

When tragedy occurs in the United States because of President Obama, and at this rate it will, nobody will feel like gloating when that “I told you so” moment arrives, because true Americans are capable of setting their pride aside.

If you look at history, you’ll see that a lot of dictators have done what the president is currently doing, and their reigns never ended happily. Let’s hope that America can survive his last year in office.



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