Arrests Made in the Marine Veteran Beating Crime

Arrests Made in the Marine Veteran Beating Crime

Arrests have been made in the Black Lives Matter brutal beating of Marine veteran, of Christopher Marquez.  As previously reported, the Bronze Medal recipient was attacked in what he believes to have been a hate-crime outside of McDonald’s.

Marquez stated about the thugs, “They asked me if I believe that black lives matter.”  There is an obvious agenda in this line of questioning and Marquez recognized he could be in trouble.  He stated, “I felt threatened and thought they were trying to intimidate me, so I figured I’m just going to keep to my food, eat my food, and hopefully they’ll leave me alone. And because I wasn’t respond back to them, they were calling me a racist.”

Those thugs have been arrested on Monday, February 22, 2016, by the First District Detectives and the Criminal Interdiction Unit.  Both were juvenile offenders, age 17-years-old from Northwest, D.C.  The male juvenile is charged with aggravated assault and the female with robbery.

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