Antifa Commie Meets Karma in the Form of a Red Truck

ANTIFA might be most famous for being a violent group committed to stopping violent “fascists” through violence. If you’re noticing a common theme, that is because you’ve got more than two function neurons.

ANTIFA is far more than just another far-left group of punk kids looking to divert their attention from the realities of their mother’s basement. And nothing gets these little anarchists more riled-up then the thought of patriots praying. Yet another fight broke out between Patriot Prayer and the Rose City ANTIFA chapter after finding out patriots planned a peaceful march against current immigration policies.

Patriot Prayer got the rightful authority to meet at Terry Schrunk Plaza where chants of “deport illegals” quickly broke out. Rose City ANTIFA on the other hand just showed up across the street at Chapman Square to scream “immigrants are welcome here” before quickly getting violent once they realized no one was listening to them.

Head on over to the next page to hear of the ultimate event of “Kharma” after an ANTIFA punk tried to punch a Patriot.




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