Antifa Calls for Complete Destruction of United States

Antifa Calls for Complete Destruction of United States

Even after Antifa’s totally fascist rampage against free speech advocates and Trump supporters in Berkeley, California, last weekend, some politicians and media figures continue to seem conflicted about the anarchist group.

Media dupes like Chuck Todd of NBC have hosted Antifa representatives to come to the air and spew their nonsense while totally hiding the group’s true objective.

Even worse, Republican turncoats like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio got suckered into defending Antifa, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the group’s violent nature.

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came out with the unequivocal condemnation of Antifa that ultimately shamed Paul Ryan into following suit.

Anyone who’s followed the group and watched its evolution into a mob of violent thugs, beginning with the group’s felony behavior at President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, knows full well what the ultimate end game is for Antifa. Find out more on the next page.

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