Antifa Calls for Complete Destruction of United States

Like the left-wing knuckleheads they are, Antifa thugs follow the golden rule of communist and anarchist agitators everywhere: come up with a rhyming chant to signal your intentions.

In Berkeley, Antifa supporters revealed their true nature and what they’re all about:

No Trump, No Wall, No USA at all!”

Pretty succinct and pretty clear: Antifa wants no less than the complete destruction of American society as we know it. The message has spread across Twitter and there’s no reason for anyone to be ignorant of their real aims anymore.

They offer no vision of what the replacement will look like, but history provides us with some good examples: the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela.

No thanks. We’ll keep the good old USA just the way it is. This is the group that irresponsible schmucks like Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn would have you believe is just a harmless group of citizens standing up against far-right groups.

There’s only one sensible way to approach this situation. The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice should officially designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.

Local police departments should be advised to keep Antifa in line or risk any further receipt of federal funds.

Political groups of all persuasions have the right of free speech under the First Amendment. But once they cross the line into violent expressions of their views, they give up that right and should be dealt with accordingly.



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