Anti-Trump Protesters Show Their Intentions, Turn Violent at the ‘DeploraBall’

Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. None of the moves by those on the left were successful in stopping him. Not the campaign of Hillary Clinton, nor the efforts to create “faithless electors,” nor the efforts to hamstring the process of counting the electoral votes in Congress worked.

Anti-Trump forces have promised violent protests during the inaugural festivities, and they kicked off their efforts at the “DeploraBall” that was held in Washington on Thursday evening. As things turned nasty outside the event, protestors began throwing eggs and even punching punching Trump supporters.

These, of course, are not the acts of principled opposition to Mr. Trump, but are acts of mob violence, designed by frustrated thugs to spread their misery on to others. As such, they are failures and losers.

Police were on the scene to disperse the hoodlums with tools such as teargas. Obviously, the DC police were well-prepared for this sort of thing.

This Trump-supporter felt the wrath of these hooligans personally.

Again, what we have here is a mob of miscreants who are unable or unwilling to express themselves in any way other than by committing violence. Two things: Their message should be ignored by the public, and they should be locked up by the police. We can then get on to more important matters, and they can continue their protests from their jail cells.



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