Anti-Trump Blogger Accuses Hannity of Sexual Harassment, Then Walks It Back

Schlussel first said that Hannity wanted to take things back to a hotel room. Hannity says Schlussel has been milking her few previous appearances on his show for almost a decade, and that he’s had enough.

“This individual desperately seeks attention by any means necessary, including making unfounded personal attacks and using indefensible and outrageous political rhetoric.

The individual has not just slandered me over the years but many people who this individual disagrees with.”

Schlussel hasn’t just been dragging Hannity’s name through the mud. She’s also made outrageous attacks on Freedom Alliance, a nonprofit organization committed to helping veterans.

Before she started trying to jump on the liberal hypocrisy train of crying wolf aka sexual harassment at people she was mad at, Schlussel attacked people helping veterans.

Schlussel accused Freedom Alliance and Hannity of only donating a tiny portion of the funds they raised together to help veterans. Freedom Alliance came out swinging right back at Schlesser by releasing those pesky little things called facts, physical evidence, and logical statements.

“Sean gets nothing from Freedom Alliance except our gratitude for his personal generosity and for all he has done to help the troops and our organization. We have never had to ask Sean for anything, he always generously offers his help before we have a chance to ask him.

Sean Hannity has contributed $100,000 to the Wounded Warriors Foundation, over $200,000 to the Freedom Alliance, and over tens of thousands of dollars to other military charities and individuals. We only make this information public because of the outrageous slander against him.”

It’s the same old story all over again except now Schessel’s 7 years older and her tactics uglier. Schessel’s sexual harassment allegations against Hannity hold about the same amount of substance as two deflated silicone implants. Her claims are knockers and won’t hold up in any court of law. Hannity knows her bluffs are nothing more than a desperate attention seeking attempt to blow off a bunch of hot air in his direction, one more time.

“In this fiercely divided & vindictive political climate, I will no longer allow slander and lies about me to go unchallenged, as I see a coordinated effort afoot to now silence those with conservative views. I will fight every single lie about me by all legal means available to me as an American.”

After Hannity threatened to sue, Schlessel has had a sudden improvement in her memory:

Conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel is now clarifying that she is not accusing Fox News host Sean Hannity of sexual harassment, but rather of simply being “weird and creepy.”

Although she gave an explosive interview on Friday in which she made serious charges against the Fox News host — claiming that he tried to persuade her to have a sexual encounter with him while he was on a book tour in Detroit — Schlussel told Law Newz in an interview on Monday that she did not believe the incident qualified as sexual harassment.

“I never thought I was sexually harassed by Sean Hannity, I thought he was weird and creepy, not someone I liked,” Schlussel said.

“Sexual harassment has a special meaning under the law, and I would never accuse him of that,” she added.

Hannity has threatened to sue Schlussel as a result of her claims, a response that Schlussel told LawNews was “laughable,” adding that she may countersue Hannity for statements he made in response to her, including calling her a “serial harasser.”

Source: The Blaze, Salon



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