Another U. of Missouri Professor Bullied into Resignation

Doctor Brigham, a beloved professor at the University of Missouri, tendered his resignation, after the bullies on campus, whined like babies because he was not canceling the exam.

One student in particular threw a tantrum on social media, which upon escalation resulted in another dedicated educator resigning.  Jasmine Birt spread her poison on Twitter, resulting in other students attacking Brigham's decision to hold class.

Dear Professor Brigham,

I have one word for you:  appalled.  When Jasmine Birt appealed to you for a makeup test date, she was not soliciting advice about how to deal with someone who was trying to steal her lunch money.  Se was asking for your support in face of a threat against her safety. For you to undermine her fears by calling her potential assailants “bullies” is beyond condescending and makes you into the very bull that you admonish her to face down……

Dr. Brigham responded on Wednesday, saying:

The exam in cancelled. Our students will be able to take the exam at an alternate date with no loss of point. No one will have to come to class today. And, I am resigning my position.

Sadly, the university lost a top rated professor, because some young girl got her feelings hurt.  Brigham's position was based on confirmed evidence from the police that it was in fact safe for class to continue and he had to do what was best for all the students in his class, not just one girl who found a loophole to get out taking her exam that day.

This is the exact opposite of “white privilege.” Perhaps “bully privilege” is the proper term.

Source:  Breitbart 




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