American’s Are Warned to Use Caution Near the Vatican

Italy is not taking the jihadist threats lightly and have put a level-two alert in place throughout the whole country.  Forces have been deployed, with regular patrols are on the streets around the Vatican, carrying high-power weapons.

As the weeks lead up to the Vatican’s Jubilee Year of Mercy on December 8th, patrols will increase in number and activity.

The United States Embassy in Italy has issued a security alert to all Americans abroad, warning them to avoid locations that have been identified as potential targets for terrorist attacks.

“The danger is real and objective,” said Franco Roberti, the head of Italy’s anti-mafia and counterterrorism task force earlier this week, “but it is not concrete or delimited.”

“We must protect ourselves from this danger by adopting all the preventive measures necessary. We do not need special laws, but we must be prepared to give up some of our personal freedoms, in particular in the area of communication,” he said.

American’s visiting the city are being told to be diligent in knowing their surroundings and using caution as they travel.

Source: Breitbart




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